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The Future of DJ Event Planning

Why struggle with outdated, costly software? Our innovative all in one DJ management platform replaces the need for multiple tools like CRM, invoicing, scheduling, and playlist apps.

Streamline event planning with automated tools, a mobile app, and a sleek client interface. Affordable and efficient, it’s designed by DJs, for DJs. Join us and shape the future of DJ business management.

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Save Time

Automatically create playlists, receive alerts for missing tracks, and import the playlist directly into your DJ software.

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Automated Work

Automate emails, follow-ups, and reminders to keep you, your employees, and customers on track effortlessly.

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Save Money

One fair subscription price for single or multi op businesses with no limitation on features or support.

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WOW your Clients

Use a mobile app to make payments, sign contracts, request music, book extras, add timings, and answer questions.

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Increase Sales

Send online proposals at the click of a button. Packed full of detail, images, videos, pricing and extra services. 

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Simple Set Up

Easily change from your previous software using import systems or tailored set up packages.

Have your say as part of our community. Share your input on key features in our discussion group and be eligible for a one off early access offer.

A streamlined journey to save time, enhance efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.

1 - Sales

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Manage leads using automations and modern web based proposals. Customers can amend and accept proposals whilst being able to trial adding music, timelines and answering questions in their customer platform. 

3 - Event Preparation

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Scan your library, automatically build your music playlist, export back ups to streaming services and print customisable PDFs ready for the event.

2 - Booking Management

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Utilize automated booking procedures to your advantage. Allocate staff members and equipment to events, schedule emails and tasks seamlessly. At the same time, empower customers to sign contracts, process payments, customize music selections, adjust timelines, and answer important questions.

4 - Customer Care

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Collect feedback and automate follow up marketing on key dates to maximise your repeat custom and recommendations.


Mobile and web friendly, complemented by a dedicated mobile app on both the Apple and Google stores.

Turn features on and off to match your business needs to ensure easy navigation for you and your customers.

Lead and Enquiry Management

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Lead and Enquiry Management

Online booking system, leads funnel, online proposals and automations make managing leads more efficient.​

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Customer Portal

Make payments, sign contracts, add extra services, request music, assign timings and answer questions.

Other Key Features

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Other Amazing Features

Automatic music preparation, staff and venue management, travel fees, equipment and stock control.

Subscription Model and Price

NO LIMITS on features based on your subscription type.

Subscription costs reflect the number of users required for your business.

Admin accounts are included for free and do not count towards your user numbers.